Warrior Gets Nationwide Sneak Preview

Posted August 30th, 2011 at 11:45 am

Lionsgate has announced that the upcoming fight drama film Warrior, due out on September 9th, will get a nationwide preview on September 4th. A single showing on an unstated number of screens is slated for 7pm on that Sunday though as of yet the tickets do not seem to have entered the database for advance purchase.

Warrior stars Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton and focuses on two brothers who find themselves facing each other in an MMA tournament for a title shot. Advance screenings for critics have the film sitting at an encouraging 82% in the early Rotten Tomatoes tabulation. The film has some excellent buzz and could be a player in awards season. The nationwide preview hopes to build strong word of mouth as right now expectations are it will open with only about $10 million in its first weekend.