Point Break Remake in the Works

Posted September 13th, 2011 at 11:50 am

Generally I’m not someone who gets upset at movies being remade – they don’t affect the experience that was had seeing the original and sometimes they turn out better than expected. In the case of 1991’s Point Break though, which is beloved by many and was driven by the performances of Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze and break-out direction of Kathryn Bigelow, it feels different and social media has exploded with anger over the news.

Over the years there had been talk of a proper sequel, but sadly Swayze passed away before it ever materialized. A remake though with new actors and an “updated” story would seem to stomp on the memory and is distinctly unnecessary. The original still holds up well to this day. Many already look at The Fast and the Furious as a remake of sorts, given that it had all the same elements of Point Break but instead of surfing it went with street racing.

Being described as set in the world of “international extreme sports” the remake is being written by Kurt Wimmer (Salt) and will still involve the element of an FBI agent infiltrating a suspected armed robbery group. Warner Bros. will distribute and determining the director is expected to be be the next step in the process.