Madden NFL 12 Roster Updates to Incorporate Hot and Cold Streaks

Posted September 14th, 2011 at 1:00 pm

There has always been a debate about whether Madden ratings should be tweaked on a week-to-week basis as one game could always be an anomaly. Fans love the weekly roster updates though and as the season goes on they tend to operate more on trends over a several week period rather than just a single game. There now may be a better way to reflect how players are performing without necessarily shifting their ratings too much too soon. 

A new way to affect output without necessarily adjusting a player’s ratings drastically is through the Dynamic Player Performance introduced in Madden NFL 12. This year roster updates will include changes to ‘Confidence’ and factor in ‘Hot and Cold Streaks’. Donny Moore tweeted today that the ‘streaks’ will be starting up not with this week’s update but with the one that follows week two of the NFL season.

It’s still unclear whether other ‘Player Traits’ will be changed in roster updates but it’ll be fun to analyze how the new elements will mesh with the ratings changes. What I’m hoping to see is more of an effect on entire units through the use of ‘streaks’. Rather than pushing ratings for just a few individuals maybe an entire offensive line or majority of a defense can be justified for a hot or cold streak. There are some positions inherently more difficult to justify changes to as they are less stat based or are performing well as a unit rather than featuring individual stand-outs. After NFL’s week one maybe the Ravens defense goes largely ‘hot’ as just one example. I don’t know if plans are to utilize the ‘streaks’ in that manner but it could be a worthwhile idea to consider.