Historic Teams Will Not Be Playable Online in NBA 2K12

Posted September 17th, 2011 at 3:30 pm

Another huge blow to the appeal of NBA 2K12 was confirmed today as Kotaku reports that historic teams will not be available for use in online play. There was disappointment last year when the teams were not allowed to be taken online even in unranked games but providing the opportunity this year was much more critical under the circumstances. Last year at least there was roster movement through free agency and in-season updates that added intrigue and variety at release and beyond.

Interest in 2K12 has taken a serious hit as of late due to the realization that the NBA lockout is going to extend well into the regular season. That means rosters will basically be the same as last year – while even lacking the infusion of rookies – and modes such as NBA Today become irrelevant. Nixing the use of the historic teams online really misses out on a potential avenue for something unique that could have overshadowed the other deficiencies and it may be a fatal blow for those who were already on the fence about purchasing 2K12.