Your Purchase Plans for NBA 2K12

Posted September 26th, 2011 at 9:30 am

Now just one week out from release of NBA 2K12 the unique circumstances are about to be realized as there is no end in sight for the league lockout. 2K12 will arrive largely using last years rosters and without any rookies – with features such as NBA Today being negated. In exchange 2K Sports offers an increased focus on legends and historic teams though they will not be playable online.

Despite the nearing release the company has yet to talk at all about Association mode or online play which is at the least curious if not worrisome. It does mean there is presumably more to learn about the game from this point on however. Still it’s startling to have primary modes for such a high profile title go undiscussed this long.

Industry analysts are predicting a sales drop of 50% though I still feel that is a bit high and it will end up being more along the lines of 40%. It’s not just the lockout that will factor into that as it likely would have been down regardless as it follows a year that really was the perfect storm in every sense – with sales doubling initially and sticking in the top ten for an unprecedented nine months. Anticipation levels and perceived value have been notably affected due to the lockout but just how much that will factor into sales is more difficult to determine.

Vote in the poll below and leave any thoughts in the comments on whether you plan to purchase NBA 2K12 or if you’ll be passing on it this year given the circumstances or any other reason. Results and analysis will go up late this week.