Your Thoughts on NBA 2K12

Posted October 5th, 2011 at 11:00 am

The follow-up to the universally praised NBA 2K11 arrived yesterday – with NBA 2K12 presenting additional legends and historic teams, gameplay and presentation enhancements, improved My Player mode, and a new online component to Association mode. The league lockout has siphoned off some of the anticipation levels however and affected the game by negating the value of some modes and leaving rosters generally in the same state as last year while even preventing the insertion of rookies.

For the most part reaction to 2K12 has been quite positive – though online play has been nothing less than disastrous so far. Leave any thoughts in the comments relating to your time with NBA 2K12! Later this week impressions postings will go up – with primary concentration going towards NBA’s Greatest mode, Online Association, and the general online play experience.