NBA 2K12 Downloadable Content Announced

Posted October 20th, 2011 at 9:15 am

After nearly a month of speculation following the discovery of planned downloadable content for NBA 2K12, followed by new trophies that were added yesterday relating to it, 2K Sports has finally made everything official as they could avoid the topic no longer. The “Legends Showcase” DLC will be 800 MS points or the equivalent $10.¬†

The new DLC will offer over 150 of the legends (currently found on the roster Рno new names) for use in a variation of different challenges including 21 and H-O-R-S-E along with 1-on-1 up to a full 5-on-5. The setting for those events is Times Square which will, along with the players, have a unique cel-shaded art style.

Those hoping for the option to use their My Player after the surprise removal of ‘Crew’ and ‘Pickup’ modes online will be disappointed to learn the only use of My Player in the DLC is for them to go up against the legends in various challenges – nothing relating to online. The biggest addition is arguably the ability to use historic teams in ‘Classic Quick Match’ online but it’ll be tough to make that a real selling point when online play continues to be so troubled by connection and performance issues.

No release date has been announced but it’s looking like it will come in either November or December. What do you think of the “Legends Showcase”? Is the $10 price too steep or is the content enough to justify a purchase?