THQ Planning DLC for UFC Undisputed 3

Posted October 27th, 2011 at 9:00 am

As has been noted throughout the roster reveal process there are several relevant fighters who for one reason or another didn’t make it for UFC Undisputed 3. Names like Nam Phan, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, Matt Mitrione, Joe Lauzon, and a number of others are nowhere to be found. Through their Twitter account THQ has confirmed there will be post-launch DLC offered for UFC 3 and that some of the names mentioned will be included.

It’s possible the company could look to implement a DLC plan similar to that of their WWE franchise. There it involves paying an upfront sum (offering a savings) that would include all DLC to be released over the course of the product lifespan – or the ability to buy the DLC piece by piece for something like $1 each fighter.

Combined with being forced into buying the game at a particular retailer if the four exclusive fighters are desired – having discussion about DLC fighters months prior to release doesn’t make for exactly a great start in terms of consumer relations following the troubles that were had with UFC 2010. At least the communication appears to be better though – you’ll remember that THQ tried to hide that they were introducing an “Online Pass” up through release and also made a mess of the demo process – so credit is deserved for being upfront about the DLC plans in response to questions over fighters absent from the roster.