Co-Op Features for NFL Blitz Detailed

Posted November 14th, 2011 at 6:45 pm

Last week EA Sports rolled out info on the ‘Blitz Battles’ online mode for the upcoming digital-download release of NFL Blitz. Today comes the follow-up to that with a look at the co-op modes including the online-based ‘Blitz Teams’ which includes the ability to create and customize the squads within the competitive environment.

There are two options for ways to play. Online a co-owner can be selected through the friend’s list while guest co-owners can be anyone that comes along for the ride while playing on the same console. There will also be the typical online co-op through ‘Quick Games’ that forgoes the leaderboard climbing/stat-based incentive structure of the ‘Blitz Teams’ mode. Check out the blog posting for full details and continue on to watch a video on the mode.