MLB 12: The Show to Feature Revamped Commentary and Broadcast Presentation

Posted December 9th, 2011 at 12:15 pm

Outside of its consistently poor online play and slow load times the MLB: The Show series has taken the most criticism as of late over its somewhat stale commentary and uninspired presentation. According to a new blog posting from SCEA both of those areas will be seeing significant improvements in MLB 12: The Show. 

Other areas touched on include more use for PlayStation Move, brand new ball physics, and a new online mode. Really the problem with online isn’t the absence of modes – it’s the lack of options within those modes, lag, and its effect on results – so touting new modes isn’t going to be successful in eliciting much excitement until the base experience improves.

The trend towards more authentic television broadcast presentation, which this year really accelerated with NBA 2K12 and Madden NFL 12 in particular, will continue with an attempt being made to deliver a more true-to-life viewing perspective. The commentary sounds as though the company is going for the style found in the NBA 2K and MLB 2K series where announcers will reference and provide better perspective on events at a given time which should in effect provide a dynamic feel.

What do you think of these first details that have been described for MLB 12: The Show? As always leave any thoughts in the comments!