UFC Undisputed 3 Beta Opens Wednesday

Posted December 12th, 2011 at 2:30 pm

The upcoming beta for UFC Undisputed 3 – touched on in this article last week – is set to roll out December 14th for the Xbox 360. The PS3 will also get the beta test but that won’t be coming until an undetermined date later this month.

In order to be involved there is first the requirement of being a member of the Undisputed community website. Download keys will be distributed through the site and the page to obtain one will only be available to registered members on Wednesday. A limited number (no idea how many that is) will go out and then the beta should be available to download immediately – with the testing period running up to two weeks. Given that it is a beta, those taking part will be consenting to an NDA and restricted from talking publicly about the experience with the game or posting any videos or screenshots. All the details on the program can be found here.

As suspected the beta is primarily meant as a means to test the online servers. Gameplay feedback will be accepted and considered for a future patch but the main goal of the beta is to test online performance. After the online troubles with UFC 2010 THQ decided to transition to their own servers with WWE 12 and UFC 3 – so far the results have been of considerable concern. Hopefully this beta period will help alleviate or eliminate some issues that may have been faced at release otherwise.

*Update* The beta launch has been pushed back to Thursday.
*Update #2 And now the launch is slated for Monday 12/19.