Features List for MLB 12: The Show

Posted February 7th, 2012 at 1:30 pm

SCEA has released the full list of features for MLB 12: The Show. Headlining this year is the ‘Ultimate Team’ inspired ‘Diamond Dynasty’ mode, “Pulse Pitching”, improved ball physics, television style presentation, and the PlayStation Vita integration. Though these particular features were already known the fact sheet provided by the company takes everything into greater detail while also citing a number of other more low-key improvements to expect this year. Continue on for the full list of features and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

•MLB The Show on PS Vita (PS Vita)
MLB 12 The Show is available on the PS Vita this year so users can enjoy all of the core modes of play found in the PS3 game, including Exhibition, Season, Franchise, Home Run Derby, online play, and Road to The Show, for users who want the personal experience of taking control of one player through his career starting in the Minors all the way to the Majors. PS Vita users will have the ability to use new touch screen controls within MLB 12 The Show using the front touch screen and the rear touch screen controls to throw the ball to specific locations, make pitch commands, and run the bases. MLB 12 The Show for PS Vita will provide a big league experience that players can take with them on road, anytime, anywhere.

•Cross Platform Saves (PS3 & PS Vita)
New to MLB 12 The Show is the ability for users to share save files between PS3 and PS Vita. Players can now take their Franchise, Season, and Road to The Show save files up to the cloud where they can then access those files on either platform. Users are limited to one file per mode per PlayStation Network account, which can be overwritten as many times as you’d like. At home on PS3 or on the road with the PS Vita, fans can continue their seasons anywhere!

•True Ball Physics (PS3 & Vita)
MLB 12 The Show now incorporates realistic ball physics and proper spin for balls that bounce off the bases, the pitcher’s mound rubber, and other surface on the field. The baseball now bounces realistically using actual math for a spinning ball hitting these surfaces. Therefore, the way the ball bounces in MLB 12 has changed a lot from previous versions. In order for hits to get through the infield, the ball counts on having top-spin so the spin of the ball off the bat is now accurate with realistic RPMs. The ball also bounces and loses energy like a real baseball does and is launched with the correct spin. This results in more hit type varieties, rising and sinking liners, more choppers, balls tailing away from the outfielders, and balls hitting off the bases.

•TruBroadcast Presentations (PS3 Only)
Baseball fans demand an accurate simulation of reality and anything that detracts from this can shatter the feeling that you are playing in a real game. MLB 12 The Show makes the biggest leap forward EVER in this regard, truly blurring the line between reality and the in-game experience. With completely refined presentations combined with enhanced artificial intelligence (AI), revamped cameras, and expanded audio, MLB 12 is poised to deliver the most realistic baseball gaming experience to date.

•Diamond Dynasty (PS3 Only)
Diamond Dynasty juggles aspects of team management, player progression, and online competition, with more creative freedom than any sports game to date. Gamers create a custom team complete with Team Name, Colors, custom Uniforms, and fully customizable Logos with up to 1000 layers of detail. Once created, the team is given a handful of MLB baseball cards and Dynasty baseball cards that, when activated, add the players to your team roster.

The fundamentals of Diamond Dynasty revolve around the difference between MLB and Dynasty cards and the unique reward systems that support each type. A Dynasty player is a long-term investment that requires training similar to that of a “Road to the Show” player. Dynasty players are supplemented with an award/achievement system. In contrast MLB players are short-term investments that slot into your roster ready to play at their current attribute levels. Completing collections of MLB players will reward you with Budget bonuses. Budget is used to train players, purchase Card Packs (Dynasty or MLB), and to purchase cards from other users on the Marketplace. Most of your Budget is earned by playing either Head-to-Head online games, or VS. CPU against MLB teams. Head-to-Head games are matched and ranked using an ELO system that most competitive online games now use some form. Every fifth game played, your team is re-evaluated for placement into one of five competitive divisions: Spring Training, Season Series, Division Series, Championship Series, and World Series. What will define your dynasty?

•Full Move Support in The Show (PS3)
Control all aspects of The Show with the PlayStation Move motion controller, including pitching, hitting, fielding, and running the bases. There are also custom meters on screen to compliment the experience. Imagine being at the plate and seeing the batters hands moving as you move. Move gameplay can be used in all modes.

•Zone Analog Batting (PS3 & PS Vita)
MLB 11 The Show introduced analog controls, now this year, MLB 12 will bring a combination of the old and the new with Zone Analog Batting. The right analog stick will still be used for the stride and swing, but now, if you choose to, you can control where you swing in the zone using the left analog stick. All the other analog controls are also being improved and enhanced.

•Pulse Pitching (PS3 & PS Vita)
This is a new interface to the classic pitching style. Players still pitch using a simple “X” button press, but users must time the press with an on-screen display to ensure pitch accuracy. All other pitching methods are also being improved and enhanced.

•Franchise Improvements (PS3 & PS Vita)
MLB 12 The Show introduces a number of Franchise mode improvements, including player generation logic has been tuned to provide more variety inside draft classes and more realistic pitch repertoires. The lineup logic has also been updated to give you closer to real-life rosters while in your Season, Franchise, and Road to The Show modes. Finally, the trade system has been revamped with improved logic based more on the real-life club’s strategy. Small market teams will behave as such, while the bigger fish will continue to go after the top players in the game. Also, highly touted prospects will remain just that and won’t be showing up in trades early on in their careers.

•Road to the Show Improvements (PS3 & PS Vita)
This generation of Road to The Show brings a new assortment of training modes for base running and fielding to round out your Road to The Show player’s training experience. Also, your created player will now be “that” highlighted and touted prospect you think he is, by starting his career as a Double-A starter. The player creator has seen improvements as well, by offering a slew of new accessories to compliment the already extensive system.

•Situational Collision Awareness (PS3 & Vita)
Players will now know where they and other players are on the field and understand when to avoid other players and how to react when other players are near. Although this sounds like a relatively simple concept, but it’s very important and makes the game experience feel more true to life.

•New Tag Animation System (PS3 & PS Vita)
Players can now branch out of any tag throw animation and branch out of a tag animation to avoid it. There are also more animations and ways to tag runners out at the plate. This new system allows for more results (dropping the ball, new swipes, etc.) and the addition of new standing and run down tags, which creates a more dynamic and organic player integration on the base paths and at the plate.

•Online Everywhere and Unified Settings (PS3 & PS Vita)
Online everywhere and Unified Settings will minimize, if not remove, the obvious line between offline and online in The Show via PSN. One of the most notable changes is the inclusion of online features and components in the main menus, especially the Exhibition > Team Select screen. That’s now the launching pad for offline Exhibition and online Play Now games. Users will also now be auto-logged in to The Show servers, making online features more accessible. Unifying user settings is a minor, but important feature. Users no longer have to set their offline and online settings – there will be one!

•Play Now Plus (PS3 & PS Vita)
Similar to Play Now, Play Now Plus can be used through custom settings. This is as easy as selecting Play Now, setting your Play Now settings, saving these settings, then selecting Play Now type. There’s no need to set you Play Now settings again, unless you want to change them up. You’ll then be able to find an opponent to match your gameplay settings, without having to go through the challenge process.

•SimulView Functionality with PlayStation 3D Display (PS3)
MLB 12 The Show will incorporate SimulView technology that allows two people to play head to head without seeing each other’s screen while playing on the PlayStation 3D Display. It uses the same technology as Stereoscopic 3D, but instead of sending image A to the left eye and image B to the right Eye, we send image A to player 1 and image B to player 2.

•New Tutorial Movies (PS3 & PS Vita)
With all of the new features this year in MLB 12 The Show, we felt that it was essential to provide more tutorial movies to educate our fans. For example, these tutorial movies showcase and explain the new PS Move implementation for all facets of gameplay (hitting, pitching, fielding, and throwing). In addition, the five tutorials explaining the Pure features implemented in MLB 11 The Show have also been updated an improved, including Pure Hitting, Pure Pitching, Pure Throwing, and the fake throw system. Watch them in the frontend menus or the in-game pause menu.

MLB 12 The Show includes over 50 more enhancements, new features, and improvements!
•Over 500 new Presentation animations
•Over 300 new Fielding, Throwing, and Base running animations
•Over 150 New Batting Stances
•Over 75 New Pitching Animations
•Improved load times
•Completely new bat, ball and glove sounds
•New Bullpen Management options
•New player accessories (new sunglasses, protective gear, hat bills, etc…)
•New Pick off logic
•New player card including advanced baseball stats
•New Batter/Pitcher Attribute snapshot OSD (D-Pad Left)
•More fluid organic fielder animations from start to end of play
•Improved fielder routes on balls off the wall (more variety of pursuit angles)
•Dynamic fielding results and reaction (balls can now be dropped or missed by a fielder anytime)
•Improved button fielding with difficulty levels
•New Pitcher Confidence Logic
•Increased and improved conversation among Matt, Dave and Eric.
•14 New umpires
•Updated uniforms and stadiums for new and updated teams
•Updated jumbotron movies and stat layouts (still team specific)
•Updated LED Ribbon board art and movies
•Focus on interface and display presentation and flair
•Uniform select in all modes
•Frontend sound preview when assigning audio
•New Player Generation Logic
•New Trade interface and screen
•Improved Lineup Logic
•Co-op available in Season and Franchise modes
•Road to the Show career begins as a Double-A starter
•Move video tutorials
•New in-game tips
•Did You Knows on Loading screens
•Season and Franchise mode Co-op
•Base Running Training in RTTS
•Fielding Training in RTTS
•New Base Runner Awareness
•Online Gameplay Gets a Boost (better reaction, better experience) (PS3)
•www.TheShowNation.com Community Web Site Revamp
•Operating System supported Virtual Keyboard
•New Online Gamer Card (more information)
•Swing Analysis OSD Improvements and Profile Display Options
•“Free” 1st inning quit in Online Games removed
•Online Profile to use PSN Avatar
•PSN Profile utility support on Vita (Friend Requests)
•Game History showing XP (gain/loss)
•Play online with your full profile settings (minus negotiated settings)
•Challenge of the Week is now free
•Online League Schedule improvements
•Online League Playoff improvements