Gameplay Improvements to Pitching and Hitting in MLB 2K12

Posted February 16th, 2012 at 9:15 am

It’s been clear for a while that MLB 2K12 wasn’t going to bring a whole lot new to the table. While 2K Sports attempts to market it with the $1 million competitions and by flaunting out Kate Upton they’ve done little to provide any credibility around this year’s product especially following the release of poor initial screenshots and anĀ embarrassingly thin features list.

Now though the first official blog has gone out which goes into detail on gameplay enhancements with the focus on the areas of pitching and hitting. The key shift this year seems to be on the discouraging of “patterns”. The CPU will track and adjust based on patterns which in turn will up the challenge for the user and hopefully the realism.

2K12 will essentially force users to go away from their tendencies – throw a pitch too often and the user will be alerted to that while the CPU will begin looking for it. Meanwhile streaks and confidence will play a larger role whether on the mound or at the plate. Improved hit types and a revamped bunting system round out the changes to expect. Check out more details at with the full blog posting here.