New MLB Playoff Format Official – How the MLB Games are Handling It

Posted March 1st, 2012 at 10:15 am

MLB has officially decided to expand the playoffs from 8 to 10 teams beginning this season. When the new CBA was signed the final call on whether to do so this year or next was pushed back and the result now is two baseball games that release soon and have to deal with the ramifications of whether they will be accurately portraying the season.

The likelihood of playoff expansion has recognized for upwards of a year – and it was only solidified further when the CBA was accepted. In fact I discussed the issue of the playoffs way back in November suggesting that giving the option in Franchise mode to choose between the two structures would be the best solution for the developers to go with. There was little downside to doing so and by putting in the new setup they would also be able to make it worthwhile beyond just having an extra game by including commentary and art specific to the event.

In what would be a surprise to most who follow these games it is MLB 2K12 that is providing the option while the game recognized for it’s supreme authenticity is the one going without it. MLB 2K12 reportedly offers the option to choose playoff structure in Association while MLB 12: The Show only has the old 8 team playoffs in Franchise. Comments made so far by SCEA have brushed aside the idea that the new playoffs could or would be patched in. Hopefully now that the news is official their tune on that will change but its prospects don’t seem encouraging.

Not only is the playoff structure changing but so are divisional tie-breakers. If there is a tie at the end of the season no longer will head-to-head record decide the division champs and instead there will be a one-game playoff. No word yet if either of the two MLB titles were able to get this change in or plan to in a patch.