The Expendables 2 Now Will Be R Rated

Posted March 23rd, 2012 at 10:15 am

Earlier this year news broke about The Expendables 2 going PG-13. Chuck Norris’ involvement in the film was cited as the reason why as he has refused to take part in any project that has hardcore language.

Thankfully those in charge which include Sylvester Stallone have come to their senses and reversed course – it will now be rated R. Given that basically all the original Expendables had going for it was the cast and willingness to be gruesome and use that language it could have been a devastating turn to take in cutting back on it. It’s still unclear however whether the R rating has to do with both of if only the violence has been ramped up while the language remains toned down to appease Norris. The Expendables 2 is slated to release on August 17.