First Images from Madden NFL 13

Posted April 5th, 2012 at 5:15 pm

EA Sports has released the first screenshots for Madden NFL 13 which showcase the switch from Reebok to Nike as the exclusive on-field supplier of apparel. Nike brings a complete redesign for the Seahawks, new materials and a tighter fit for the jerseys and pants, new accessories with the gloves and team colored shoes, and a number of various minor alterations with a change to the collar being the one adopted by the most teams.

Featured in the images are the Ravens uniforms with looks at more teams expected to come in soon – they’ll be added here or in a new post. ESPN does now have an exclusive shot of Adrian Peterson and Brian Urlacher. It appears that the gloves may not have made it in yet (though not every player will wear them) and the shoes aren’t visible in the shots. Nike has yet to roll out the road or alternates for teams other than the Seahawks so until they do EA will only be able to show off the home unis in Madden 13. Check out the images in the gallery or the Facebook or Google+ albums and make sure to leave any thoughts in the comments!