Madden Ultimate Team Getting Rookies on Draft Day; Transferable to Madden NFL 13

Posted April 10th, 2012 at 4:45 pm

EA Sports has announced that 30 rookies from this month’s NFL Draft will be added to Madden Ultimate Team mode in Madden NFL 12 beginning on the 26th. In addition to those 30 there will be 6 dubbed as “Future Stars” who will have a second card but with ratings based off envisioning their “career year” down the line. The standard rookie cards will include ratings that will likely be very similar, or potentially identical, to those they’ll debut with in Madden NFL 13.

It’s definitely surprising that incoming rookies will make an appearance in the previous year’s game even through MUT. Any rookie cards that are pulled will also transfer over to the mode for Madden NFL 13. Check out the full blog with further details here.