Cam Newton “CAMpaign” Lays Out Challenges to Calvin Johnson and the Fans

Posted April 20th, 2012 at 11:45 am

Typically a hype video wouldn’t warrant a posting but in the case of Cam Newton calling out Calvin Johnson – the two are facing off right now for the honor of being the Madden NFL 13 cover athlete – this one is more intriguing and actually relevant. In the video Newton challenges Megatron to a live streamed game of Madden 12 and even gives out his own gamertag, PSN name, and an email address for fans who would like to try and get in a game with him. This represents a whole new level of engagement from the athlete side and is yet another positive of the voting process which gets not just fans invested but the players as well.

Considering that EA Sports didn’t secure any type of agreement with the tournament participants beforehand the process has made it clear which players are taking the opportunity to promote themselves and enjoy the moment and opportunity. EA ended up with a best case scenario of two very personable individuals who have performed at a high level and can stake a claim to deserving the cover on the merits of their play as well as their marketability. The passion that Newton shows in this video for gaming is genuine and could actually help him in what will likely be a tight finish against Megatron.