Gameplay and Presentation News Spark Excitement for Madden NFL 13

Posted May 16th, 2012 at 10:00 am

In the poll that went up last week the question was posed as to what effect the recent news focusing on gameplay and presentation had on perceptions of Madden NFL 13. After collecting over 5K votes the message is overwhelming – EA Sports hit on what fans were looking for and some legitimate excitement has been generated. 

•54% Encouraged and more likely to buy
•26% No change and still likely to buy
•15% No change and still unlikely to buy
•5% Discouraged and less likely to buy

The big takeaway here is that the number of those encouraged by the latest information and media is so significant – more than doubling that of which plan to buy the game but weren’t really swayed – while the discouraged number is completely negligible. Take into account that EA still has the “monumental change to gameplay” and other features to fully reveal and they have to be pleased with their current position and the response at this stage from consumers.