The Quarterbacks with Authentic Cadences in Madden NFL 13

Posted May 21st, 2012 at 10:45 am

EA Sports has revealed most of the quarterbacks that will have their authentic cadences included in Madden NFL 13. A partnership with NFL Films allowed the company to grab the audio for a number of QBs and implement their actual voices in the game. There will be 14 of them featured – 12 of which are currently known. For various reasons other QBs didn’t make the cut in having their voices included in the game. 

•Tom Brady
•Aaron Rodgers
•Drew Brees
•Peyton Manning
•Eli Manning
•Cam Newton
•Michael Vick
•Philip Rivers
•Ben Roethlisberger
•Tony Romo
•Matt Ryan
•Tim Tebow

Tebow obviously stands out from the group as the only non-starter having gotten the nod primarily due to his notoriety. Two more names are still to be announced. What other two QBs are most deserving of being amongst the group with their actual voices in Madden NFL 13?