E3: Third Batch of Madden NFL 13 Videos

Posted June 8th, 2012 at 1:45 pm

Here is the third and final batch of Madden NFL 13 gameplay videos captured from the show floor of E3. These specific ones were grabbed within the first few hours of the first day so user play is somewhat behind those that were posted yesterday – it took some time to adjust to the improved defensive play. Still this is more opportunity to check out the Infinity Engine physics in action along with some of the other gameplay improvements.

Time permitting the write-up on Connected Careers, which personally was found to be the most compelling feature for Madden 13 even over the physics, could come this evening but if not then it’ll be on Monday. Continue on for the videos which feature the Seahawks @ Rams, Redskins @ Colts, and the intro to Bengals @ Chiefs.