Road to Glory Improvements Detailed for NCAA Football 13

Posted June 11th, 2012 at 4:45 pm

EA Sports today rolled out details on Road to Glory career mode for NCAA Football 13. The criticism towards “Reaction Time” when it was introduced with the Hesiman Challenge was significant and that isn’t likely to change here given how it’s being presented as the main new feature for Road to Glory though accompanied by more worthwhile enhancemenets.

Other improvements to the mode include the option to choose from four different difficulty levels, play calling shifting to focus more on the user-controlled player, the ability to be a kick or punt returner, goals for earning XP, new high school stadiums, and recruiting points being more difficult to obtain by offensive players and easier to earn for defensive players. One major oversight though is already apparent as quarter length can’t be adjusted.

Check out the full developer blog, new screenshots in the gallery or FB album, and continue on for the trailer. Then leave any thoughts on the mode in the comments!