Eastbound & Down Returning for Fourth Season

Posted July 2nd, 2012 at 11:30 pm

Despite statements that the third season of the HBO series Eastbound & Down would be the last – and what was received as a fairly satisfying resolution to the arc of main character Kenny Powers – the comedy series starring Danny McBride will be returning for a fourth run with eight new episodes on the slate.

While I loved the first season the second really seemed to hit a wall creatively and characters became more grating than amusing. At that point I was looking towards the end without much optimism about future episodes. The series however bounced back with a very good third season thanks mostly to his interactions with his baby. Still I’m not sure there’s real justification for this coming fourth season. Kenny Powers has pretty much already run the gamut of lows to highs and explored plenty of exceedingly awkward situations that the desire to see even more has waned.