Fight Songs Could End Up Being Patched Into NCAA Football 13

Posted July 17th, 2012 at 1:15 pm

The saga over missing fight songs in NCAA Football 13 continues with the latest piece from Kotaku that follows additional correspondence had with a rep from Baylor University. Now comes word that EA Sports has discussed the possibility of patching fight songs back in should whatever issues are present ultimately be resolved.

A licensing agency would appear to be the culprit in the matter – but that still wouldn’t explain the lack of communication from EA Sports towards the institutions such as Baylor who lost their fight songs from the series and may not have even been aware of fact until consumers noticed after NCAA 13 released. 

“They [EA Sports] told us they have a possible solution, potentially,” Joos said. That would be patching the song back into the game through a title update. “They told us they haven’t patched the game yet,” Joos added.

So there is some hope that fight songs will return via patch and presumably that could go beyond just Baylor and incorporate other schools should their specific situations be ironed out.

An update is scheduled for mid-August to begin introducing new uniforms and corrections to those which are inaccurate. It’s unclear if the audio would then piggyback on that patch – should the licensing issues be solved by then – or if it would be something to materialize further down the line. Considering the timing involved with getting a patch through internal testing and then first party certification it would seem unlikely to make that first cut even if EA got the rights back to any of the songs immediately.