NBA 2K13’s Big Announcement Coming This Week; Jay-Z May Be Intimately Involved

Posted July 30th, 2012 at 10:15 am

Back when 2K Sports officially revealed the cover for NBA 2K13 they also teased a huge announcement to come. That will finally materialize this week and a leaked video may hint at what’s to come – but what it means exactly would be anyone’s guess. 

The most obvious announcement that would have been considered “major” would relate to the inclusion of the The Dream Team and some type of Olympics’ mode. The prime window to announce that however would have been a few weeks ago.

The leaked video below – which appears to be legitimate but for obvious reasons won’t be confirmed by 2K – states 2K13 is “Executive Produced by Jay-Z”. The voice-over by Michael Jordan meshes then with an image that 2K released just today of him in the studio recording audio for the announcement and features the trio of cover athletes. It would also explain the Brooklyn Bridge being on the teaser image for the cover announcement. What was thought to refer to Michael Jordan could also apply to Jay-Z.