Recent NBA 2K13 News Succeeds in Ramping Up Anticipation Levels

Posted August 23rd, 2012 at 11:15 am

It’s been a rush of news on NBA 2K13 in recent weeks. A partnership with Jay-Z coming on as executive producer kicked it all off but that was followed by important gameplay improvements and the reveal of the Dream Team. After collecting over 8K votes through recent polls it’s clear that NBA 2K13 is looking stronger than ever after hitting on multiple levels with the recent announcements. 

On the Jay-Z News: Indifferent 48%, Excited 29%, Disappointed 23%

The Jay-Z announcement was never intended to excite the current base of NBA 2K consumers – instead to expose the product to a new crowd with the reach that he can provide. Just as Michael Jordan attracted a significant number of people to NBA 2K11 that normally would not have bought a basketball game the company is hoping that Jay-Z can draw a new segment of gamers in. The impact Jay-Z will have on the actual game is minimal and thus response wasn’t really enthusiastic – but it didn’t have to be.

On the first gameplay news: Excited 73%, Indifferent 20%, Disappointed 7%

The substantial improvements coming for 2K13 drew a decidedly more positive response. That shouldn’t come as a surprise when gauging how consumers, already interested in the product, would feel about worthwhile enhancements to gameplay. There was no fluff here just elements worked on that should improve the experience to a great degree.

On the Dream Team news: Excited 43%, Indifferent 30%, Disappointed 27%

What could have been the biggest announcement of the year was deflated a bit by the timing – coming after the Olympics were over – and the absence of Scottie Pippen. A full-fledged Olympic mode would have brought about a more passionate response as well. This news fell flatter than anticipated but still makes for a valuable feature.

Overall NBA 2K13 is in great shape. It has no concern over any competition in the market and instead is expanding it’s appeal with Jay-Z’s reach, delivering important gameplay improvements to appease current fans, and trying to attract a more casual crowd by advertising the Dream Team’s inclusion. It’s been an impressive strategy so far making it unlikely that 2K will lose the early momentum they’ve now generated in the process.