More Benefits to Choosing an Online Connected Career in Madden NFL 13

Posted August 27th, 2012 at 11:45 am

In my earlier write-up on Madden NFL 13’s impressive Connected Careers mode I cited two primary benefits to selecting to play an “Online” career as opposed to an “Offline” one even when going solo. The first was the ties to the Connected Careers website – and the second was the ability to add in other users later should that desire arise.

Now in a series of tweets Connected Careers designer Josh Looman has laid out another important element to going “Online” with the mode. Tuning updates will apply to them – with the changes being reflected immediately upon a server refresh – while “Offline” careers will be stuck waiting for patches. Areas cited as being tune-able include the amount of XP coaches and players earn as well as the amount of scouting credits received weekly.

There is still the main downside to going online and that’s if the EA Servers drop at any point during a game it’ll have to be restarted (even if just playing the CPU) or while making changes elsewhere before the server updates them (they’ll be lost). There’s also the fact that EA promised “tuners” last year and never delivered a single one. Now the pressure will be on them to actually come through this time around when the benefits promised are even more notable.