Details on Signature Skills in NBA 2K13

Posted September 3rd, 2012 at 11:15 am

2K Sports has gone into specifics on “Signature Skills” which acts as a new feature for NBA 2K13. The “Signature Skills” are very similar to the “Traits” introduced in Madden last year. They’re implemented with the intention of differentiating player performance beyond their ratings and delve more into their individual personalities and unique skill sets. 

With the “Signature Skills” in NBA 2K13 gamers will be presented with another level of strategy that comes with evaluating each player, utilizing their particular skills on the court, and attempting to defend the opposition’s. There are 31 different “Signature Skills” and each player can carry up to 5 – but some won’t have any at all. The skills reach beyond just a description of what a player does well and can affect others on the court in various ways.

Four players currently have had their complete set of “Signature Skills” revealed:
Michael Jordan – Shot Creator, Lockdown Defender, Acrobat, Finisher, Closer
Kevin Durant – Shot Creator, Microwave, Deadeye, Closer, Finisher
Derrick Rose – Closer, Acrobat, Floor General, Shot Creator, Ankle Breaker
Blake Griffin – Highlight Film, Posterizer, Hustle Points

This is definitely an exciting addition to the NBA 2K series as it should have some real positive effects on the gameplay and in the continued work towards making the players feel more like their actual selves. Here you can check out a profile on all 31 “Signature Skills” that will be found in NBA 2K13 along with a few examples of players that fit within each category.