NBA 2K13 Association Mode Details

Posted September 29th, 2012 at 11:30 am

For the second straight year Association mode in NBA 2K has taken a back seat to other initiatives. With NBA 2K13 the focus has shifted to developing MyTeam mode while continuing to build on MyCareer (previously known as MyPlayer). The reasoning for lack of advancement back with 2K12 related to incorporating Online Association so a number of additions couldn’t be implemented at the same time…unfortunately OA was tragically flawed making that trade-off a bust. This year however it appears primary resources went to what 2K has claimed is the most popular mode, MyCareer, and the revenue-generator Ultimate Team clone MyTeam.

Still that doesn’t mean Association went completely untouched. There are a number of minor improvements that may be recognized by those who play the mode on a yearly basis. The new CBA rules from last season following the lockout have been enacted, there’s a “Start Today” feature using that day’s rosters to begin, All-Star Weekend is integrated for those who pre-order (or buy it later), and various logic has been adjusted along with some bug fixes. Online Association receives some new commissioner controls but with a number of questions remaining about whether what was necessary was done to make that a viable mode. 

Offline Association
•New interface. Information is more accessible now.
•Total Sim Control
•New CBA rules
•‘Start Today’ feature
•All-Star Weekend integration (if All-Star add-on content is installed)
•Revamped Team Building logic
•All-new lineup/rotation logic
•Improved trading logic
•Other smaller fixes (improved draft generation, etc.)
•Bug fixes! (based on community feedback from last year)

Online Association
•Customizable Sliders
•Adjust League Speed
•Advance League (1 week at a time)
•Advance to Next Round (in the playoffs)
•Pause/Resume League
•Unlock All Games (flex schedule)
•Reset Games / Force Winner