New Features Go Live on Madden NFL 13 Connected Careers Website

Posted October 10th, 2012 at 6:15 pm

EA Sports this week added some long-awaited functionality to the Connected Careers website for Madden NFL 13. Back when the website launched – read up on complete earlier impressions here – the sections for League, Teams, and Players were reserved for later. Now that they’ve gone live their purposes are evident and the additional options prove to add value to the site and it’s reach into ongoing careers. 

The League section displays (in odd form until a second or third team are added for comparisons’ sake) team statistics for total offensive yards, passing yards, rushing yards, total defensive yards allowed, and turnovers forced. Below that area are the complete league standings and current week’s schedule with any posted results. A full league schedule can also be pulled up for every team and be displayed by team or week. As commissioner the week can also be advanced while teams can set to “Ready”. The week advance feature was tested and worked properly.

The Teams section displays team rankings in various categories, team statistics (total points allowed per game are being improperly displayed as total points allowed), team finances, and another opportunity to view the team schedule.

The Players section currently does nothing. It appears that it is intended to allow the sorting through of players in the league by team, free agency, specific positions, and more…but at this time nothing is being displayed no matter the options chosen. *This may be a browser issue so I will update once trying it with others.

So other than the ability to look at more statistics, results, and league standings the big new interaction with the mode comes from commissioners being able to advance weeks. That is a nice option to have though the number of people it will reach is negligible. There remains nothing along the lines of a “transaction log” which, now with the tremendous patch coming next week, is probably the most glaring omission from the mode. The only significant area of the game without representation on the website is scouting with just the total points available noted and no way to complete any scouting provided – and there is no way to offer or view and accept/decline trades or make roster changes.

The Madden NFL 13 Connected Careers website includes a great deal of information now with multiple ways to view team and player statistics, view player and coach goals and XP to be earned, current ratings, XP totals, the Twitter feed, and even news headlines. There are also the ways to interact with careers such spending the XP on packages to progress individual players and coaches and set “ready” or advance the week. It’s a really solid update to site that provides some worth to anyone playing an “Online” Connected Career.