NBA 2K13 Season Opener Roster Update Available Now

Posted October 31st, 2012 at 10:45 am

The NBA 2K13 roster update promised for the start of the regular season arrived early this morning. The latest roster comes after delivering an undeniably poor one yesterday, that had James Harden traded but several others involved in that deal still on their prior teams and many other players missing across the league, that was excused away by 2K Sports as an “old file”.

The supposedly proper roster then just released and moves everyone involved in the Harden deal and adds Rasheed Wallace – but that’s pretty much it. No other notable players have been added and there are a significant number of them still missing.┬áThere are free agents who haven’t been placed on their respective teams, players on teams that should no longer be there, and then all the ones that should be on teams but simply can’t be found anywhere on 2K13 even still. According to this list there are a whopping 30 players that are still absent from the game.