Another Roster Update for NBA 2K13; Issues Remain Including Lots of Missing Players

Posted November 1st, 2012 at 6:45 pm

Another roster update released earlier today for NBA 2K13 which has led to even more consumer frustration and disappointment considering how severely lacking they have been. This update moved Eddy Curry from free agency to the Mavericks, fixed a few jersey numbers, and that is about all that was done. There are still nearly 30 players that remain inexcusably absent.

In addition to the missing players there are many others that are sitting in free agency and should be on teams, players on teams when they should be free agents, incorrect starting lineups and rotations, players set in the wrong positions, and jersey numbers that need changing. Roster updates and post-release support in general have always been weak areas for the NBA 2K series and there is no reason for that to be the case any longer especially considering the stellar sales numbers and current stature as one of the premiere products released every year.