MLB 13: The Show To Have Vote for Cover Athlete; Feature New Playoff Mode

Posted November 26th, 2012 at 11:30 am

SCEA announced today that the cover of MLB 13: The Show will be decided through a fan voting campaign. That tactic has been used more frequently in recent years as companies have realized it is an easy way to create fan engagement and high levels of awareness in games far in advance of their respective releases. The cover voting will begin in January which seems to be cutting it really close however given the release set for March 5.

The first features have also been announced for MLB 13. There will be an all-new Playoff mode which will include special atmosphere unique to the post-season. There will also be a “beginner” mode to make the game easier on those who are not already fully accustomed to it.

With no direct competition to be concerned with, and no MLB game on the Xbox 360 at all now, The Show will have the baseball world all to itself – though it has dominated in recent years regardless. Check out the first screenshots of the game here and leave any thoughts on the first news for MLB 13: The Show in┬áthe comments!