Third Post-Release Patch for Madden NFL 13 Out Tomorrow; Mostly Ultimate Team Related

Posted November 28th, 2012 at 11:15 am

In order for EA Sports to fulfill a promise of better post-release support with Madden NFL 13 they had to at least deliver a fourth patch (the third of which to come following release). That was confirmed today by Joystiq – it’ll be out tomorrow – but the update won’t be perceived as extensive except to those who play Ultimate Team mode. There is a fix included however for depth charts not saving in offline Connected Careers and it’s still quite possible that yet another patch could be coming to influence the game in other areas.

New features are being added which has been a positive theme with the support this year. Past updates have included, among other features, the introduction of Fantasy Drafts and player editing for Connected Careers. This upcoming patch will include the ability to save up to five unique lineups within MUT, improved roster management, games with two minute quarters, quick collections, and the management of team boosts. Continue on for the full list of additions and fixes and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

•Set up to five unique lineups in Ultimate Team.
•Roster management by position in Ultimate Team.
•Quick collections in Ultimate Team.
•Two minute quarter games in Ultimate Team.
•Manage and view Team Boosts in Ultimate Team.
•Fixed bug where Connected Careers panel in main menu is blank.
•Fixed exploit in MUT Solo Challenges using frozen kick meter to run out the clock.
•Fixed issue in Panthers playbook where Shotgun formation was properly displaying.
•Fixed squib kick exploit.
•Fixed exploit allowing MLB instant pressure when in specific position w/ specific coverage.
•Fixed bug when reviewing a friend’s depth chart in Madden Ultimate Team.
•Fixed erroneous screen telling Madden Ultimate Team players EA servers were unavailable when an opponent signed out before progressing to the loading screen.
•Fixed issue where replaying completed Solo Challenges in MUT consumed contracts.
•Fixed issue where Connected Careers offline depth chart would reset after each game when player used imported My Madden roster.
•Fixed issue where users could not save edits to existing NFL players whose names were flagged as profane.
•Fixed exploit where MUT users who were kicked out for grieving were still granted 800 coins.
•Fixed a menu display bug in Madden Ultimate Team matchmaking screen.