Late Season Check on Current QB Ratings in Madden NFL 13

Posted December 17th, 2012 at 4:45 pm


With the regular season nearing it’s end, and having twice looked at them before, there is another opportunity to evaluate where quarterbacks stand in Madden NFL 13 compared to their performance for the year. How have things developed in terms of their ratings as more data has been entered into consideration? They appear to now be more in line with their actual production – though players that began higher or lower have faced those prejudices along the way.

Through week 15 in evaluating starting QBs with sufficient game action the average output is 2970 yards, 61% completions, 19 touchdown passes, 14 interceptions, and a 51.6 ESPN Total QBR. That average player is then rated 83 overall right now in Madden NFL 13. 





Tom Brady 4276-63%-30TD-6INT-78.8QBR 99 —–
Peyton Manning 4016-68%-31TD-10INT-81.5QBR 97 Slightly Underrated
Aaron Rodgers 3588-67%-32TD-8INT-71.9QBR 96 —–
Eli Manning 3590-60%-20TD-15INT-66.0QBR 96 Overrated
Ben Roethlisberger 2911-64%-22TD-6INT-68.3QBR 95 Slightly Overrated
Drew Brees 4335-62%-36TD-18INT-64.4QBR 94 Slightly Overrated
Matt Ryan 4202-68%-27TD-14INT-74.6QBR 93 —–
Cam Newton 3451-58%-18TD-10INT-54.0QBR 90 Vastly Overrated
Tony Romo 4269-67%-22TD-16INT-63.8QBR 89 —–
Matt Schaub 3555-65%-22TD-10INT-66.0QBR 89 —–
Robert Griffin III 2902-66%-18TD-4INT-71.3QBR 89 Slightly Underrated
Matthew Stafford 4252-59%-17TD-15INT-58.1QBR 88 Slightly Overrated
Joe Flacco 3474-59%-20TD-10INT-44.9QBR 88 Vastly Overrated
Alex Smith 1731-70%-13TD-5INT-69.8QBR 88 Now a backup
Jay Cutler 2630-60%-17TD-14INT-49.5QBR 87 Overrated
Philip Rivers 3290-64%-22TD-15INT-38.0QBR 86 Vastly Overrated
Andrew Luck 3978-55%-20TD-18INT-65.5QBR 86 —–
Andy Dalton 3316-63%-26TD-14INT-53.0QBR 86 —–
Russell Wilson 2697-63%-21TD-9INT-68.7QBR 85 Underrated
Michael Vick 2165-58%-11TD-9INT-47.5QBR 85 Backup/Overrated
Josh Freeman 3471-55%-25TD-12INT-56.9QBR 85 —–
Carson Palmer 3987-61%-22TD-14INT-44.6QBR 84 Slightly Overrated
Sam Bradford 3254-60%-18TD-11INT-48.8QBR 84 Slightly Overrated
Matt Hasselbeck 1367-62%-7TD-5INT-48.5QBR 81 Backup
Colin Kaepernick 1289-66%-7TD-2INT-79.5QBR 80 Underrated (but early)
Ryan Fitzpatrick 2935-62%-22TD-15INT-45.1QBR 80 —–
Jake Locker 1884-58%-9TD-9INT-53.9QBR 79 Slightly Underrated
Kevin Kolb 1169-59%-8TD-3INT-38.0QBR 78 IR
Ryan Tannehill 2929-59%-10TD-12INT-52.5QBR 77 Slightly Underrated
Jason Campbell 265-63%-2TD-2INT-23.5QBR 77 Overrated
Brandon Weeden 3281-57%-14TD-17INT-26.1QBR 76 Overrated
Blaine Gabbert 1662-58%-9TD-6INT-40.9QBR 75 IR
Mark Sanchez 2678-55%-13TD-17INT-25.0QBR 75 Overrated
Chad Henne 1438-52%-8TD-5INT-26.3QBR 75 Overrated
Christian Ponder 2527-63%-14TD-12INT-45.0QBR 74 Slightly Underrated
Matt Cassel 1796-58%-6TD-12INT-36.5QBR 74 Backup
Nick Foles 1356-59%-5TD-4INT-48.1QBR 73 Slightly Underrated
Kirk Cousins 466-69%-4TD-3INT-72.7QBR 73 Underrated (early)
Brady Quinn 930-60%-2TD-6INT-38.9QBR 71 —–
John Skelton 1132-54%-2TD-9INT-13.9QBR 69 Overrated
Ryan Lindley 611-51%-0TD-6INT-8.1QBR 63 —–