Changes Made to Online Ranked Games in MLB 13: The Show

Posted February 18th, 2013 at 12:15 pm


SCEA has released a new blog focusing on improvements to the online matchmaking system in MLB 13: The Show. While online has always been the achilles’ heel of the series a few changes being made this year could help in that area.

MLB 13 will feature matchmaking that pairs up individuals who are similarly rated in terms of their skill levels, teams, and starting pitchers. Utilizing fatigue levels for pitchers means an actual rotation will need to be in play (assuming fatigue is drained significantly enough) providing better variety and hopefully opening up the offense more.

Of course actual performance, in terms of lag and disconnects, will have to be improved dramatically for any of this to really matter. However the changes being made should otherwise create a more balanced and enjoyable experience. Some of the frustrations have stemmed from abnormally low batting averages, exceedingly high strikeout rates, and very low scoring all around. Much of the blame has been on the lag favoring pitching but eliminating #1 starters from being used at will and forcing more strategy with bullpen choices should help in that regard too.