In Unprecedented Fashion MLB 2K13 to Release Without Providing Any Information on How It Differs from Prior Iteration

Posted March 4th, 2013 at 9:30 am


When the one year reprieve for the MLB 2K series was announced back in January expectations were set understandably low. The poorly regarded series had been cancelled only to be resurrected when MLB settled with significantly reduced terms in order to have a product on the market for the Xbox 360. Having baseball for the largest console base in North America was viewed as a necessity. However being saddled with a constrained development cycle along with a limited budget and no apparent future aspirations meant there was little reason to be encouraged about the potential of MLB 2K13. 

Still no one would have surmised that the release of MLB 2K13 would arrive with 2K Sports having failed to highlight a single improvement that may have been made to the game. They would end up releasing one screenshot and a couple trailers with replay footage that provided no insight on the product. There was no detailing of any additions for 2K13, no release of a demo, no sign of gameplay footage, and no discussion with any media outlets who also never saw it at all…2K simply did not care to address changes in any fashion. The end result is far less information than is provided for simple patches which even have their changes communicated. No other primary league licensed product has hit the market with such lack of regard.

It’s a distressing situation that leaves consumers unable to make an informed purchase decision unless they decide to pass on the game at least for the time being. That would clearly be the best course of action. Wait for any user-impressions, full reviews, and videos flow out to better determine if it is worth the full $60 and if the value would appear to be present as evaluated on an individual basis. That price may very well drop within days anyway making that patience worthwhile. With the Perfect Game Challenge not set to begin until the regular season there is really nothing to lose by holding out.