NCAA Football 14 Pre-Order Bonus Roundup

Posted April 4th, 2013 at 11:15 am


Though how Ultimate Team will be built for NCAA Football 14 may remain a mystery until May 15 – whether that be using current “unnamed” players, legends, generics, or some mishmash of the three – EA Sports perceives it to be a major new addition to the series as they are featuring it in all retailer pre-order bonuses. Gamestop was the first to leak the introduction of the mode and now others have followed with their respective exclusive conference packs.

•Amazon: Pac-12 Conference Pack
Best Buy: Big Ten Conference Pack
Gamestop: SEC Conference Pack
Origin: Big East Conference Pack
Target: ACC Conference Pack
Walmart: Big 12 Conference Pack

Of far greater impact will be whether Amazon again offers NCAA at a lower price or provides a pre-order promotional credit to drive sales. With NCAA 13 they simply sold the game for $45 (that was put into place about a month before release) and for NCAA 12 they included a $20 promotional credit (appearing less than a week before release).