Masters Tournament Now Open in Tiger Woods 14 Country Club

Posted April 10th, 2013 at 9:45 am


To coincide with the Masters being played April 11-14 a live tournament has been set up in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Xbox 360 Country Club and started this morning. At times there has been one or two slots available in the club. If that is the case for those who didn’t join earlier the password is padre. At time of publish the club was full.

This is the first time the Masters has been used within the club and the increased difficulty of the course should prove interesting when it comes to the results. The tournament is the full four rounds and runs though Sunday providing the opportunity to complete them all either in binge-form or by doing one round a day (which is what I prefer). No prize is on the line given there isn’t a way to regulate golfers used and it’s more about just enjoying the experience along with others and seeing how everything shakes out. The final leaderboard though will get the spotlight with a post on Monday recapping the event.

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