Checking Back In With The Show Live

Posted April 13th, 2013 at 12:15 pm


After profiling The Show Live in MLB 13: The Show following opening day it was clear that later attention would have to be paid to the new mode in order to ascertain whether the features would be fully delivered. Rosters were somewhat of a mess – with random free agents filling the spots of those who were not in the rosters yet – and the enhanced commentary had nothing yet to go on. Two weeks now into the season the mode can be better evaluated. 

Saturday’s Rockies at Padres game was chosen as it comes off an entertaining Friday night affair that saw the Rockies score two in the 8th to tie and two in the 9th off solo-homers to win. Dexter Fowler homered twice taking his total to six on the season. Even word of Carlos Quentin’s suspension has come down (though mention of that wouldn’t be expected here). The game offered plenty of things for the commentators to reference regarding the current happenings within the league and with the teams on hand.

Unfortunately The Show Live delivered nothing noteworthy in terms of commentary. Not a single mention was made of the previous night’s game, or the season series between the two clubs, or anything else related to the current season. The exception came after the last out when the Rockies won that they had brought an end to their three game skid. That would have been correct if not for their win on Friday night.


Only one statistics-based comment was made and that was in regards to Quentin as it was stated he has been struggling to crack .200 for the early part of the season. He was still in the lineup despite the announcement of his suspension. On-screen graphics did offer accurate player statistics on the season. The opening cinematic however listed the wrong records (5-4 Rockies, 2-7 Padres) as it apparently had yet to include Friday night’s results.

From browsing the games around the league the lineups and pitching match-ups for the most part have been set properly with the exception of the handful of missing players which is much more limited following last week’s roster update. The one this coming Monday should help even further. There still has been no effort made to replace the incorrect players from earlier games with the ones who have since been added. Sadly that means going back to early in the season to re-play a rookie’s debut game (or those that followed soon after) won’t actually have them in it.

Commentary remains a central weakness for The Show – something that will likely be addressed in the first PS4 version next fall. Hope that The Show Live would alleviate some of the staleness there though has not been realized. Claims by SCEA that the mode would have dynamic commentary have proven largely false. Other aspects such as feeding in the correct weather and accurate jersey selection are lacking as well.

The Show Live still offers more than just a simple Play Now game. The partnership with appears to have paid dividends in regards to the accuracy of rosters and up-to-the-minute statistics. The potential of the mode though is limited due to the lack of relevant commentary. Another assessment of The Show Live will be made in a few weeks to determine if any changes or improvements have been made.