More on Madden NFL 25 Run Free and Improvements to Physics and Defense

Posted April 25th, 2013 at 10:15 am


Following up on the trailer released last night EA Sports has posted two blogs detailing the improvements to the running game and the influence that comes with the advancing physics for Madden NFL 25. “Run Free” is getting pushed hard as something buzz-worthy by the company but widespread response to the trailer and first info has been anything but kind. Check out the first blog on running here and the other on the physics and defense here.

Run Free includes a “precision modifier” utilizing the LT/L2 button which allows for 30 new moves to be at the disposal of the ball carrier. Run blocking is said to be improved (will have to see it to believe it) to go along with the enhanced player control. Combos are now possible utilizing the arsenal of moves. EA says you can now “string together devastating combos” which might be the most disconcerting thing I’ve ever read from a release of theirs. (Update) This actual quote from the company in an interview with ESPN is even worse: “We’ve also added in combo moves with the right analog stick, almost like you’re playing ‘Street Fighter’.”

The Infinity Engine physics system of course gets significant refinement for its second year. Defense also gets a mention with new pursuit angles, quicker recovery, “heat-seeker tackling”, and more accurate dive tackles.