For Time Being Women to Remain Unrepresented in FIFA Series

Posted May 9th, 2013 at 7:15 pm


On Sunday mention was made that women weren’t going to make their way into FIFA 14. Despite a strongly supported petition and females appearing in the NHL franchise along with an expanding presence in Tiger Woods the combination of work that would need to be done and lack of time to do so (and possibly an evaluation of return on that investment) resulted in EA Sports shutting the door on the idea for this year at least. 

Kotaku was able to get comment that went beyond the initial producer statement that there were no plans for female characters to be added due to things like the differentiation in physics and the need to add player models and hairstyles.

“As a team we have discussed at length the inclusion of female characters in FIFA, and whilst it’s something that remains on our list of features for consideration as part of our mission statement above, we do not have plans to put female characters into the game this year.”

There is some opportunity upcoming to make a bigger splash by adding women than just throwing them in without a dedicated mode or purpose and better justify their presence. The 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup is obviously the most significant on the horizon. Whether that be timing wise (brought in for FIFA 15) or being a part of next year’s World Cup game the integration would make a lot of sense. There’s also the brand new National Women’s Soccer League which features very recognizable names from the national team that could play a part in future titles.