Madden NFL 25 Connected Franchise Detailed; Owner Mode and Requested Features Return

Posted May 20th, 2013 at 2:30 pm


The transition from a standard Franchise mode to Connected Careers with Madden NFL 13 was widely enjoyed but also loudly opposed. Omitting features that segments of consumers were passionate about – many were patched in later but the damage had been done – and not being able to easily communicate the evolution of Franchise concepts made it a contentious situation for EA Sports to handle. Now with Madden NFL 25 the mode has been renamed Connected Franchise and a number of additions and improvements made with the hopes of satisfying those who took issue with the mode last year.

That Owner Mode was a major feature for Madden NFL 25 has been known for a month but now there’s confirmation of importing draft classes returning to work with NCAA Football 14. Offline control of all 32 teams is also back and a transaction log – perhaps the biggest mistake of all that was left out last year – has been added. Adjusted XP levels should help make progression rate more realistic and new legends have been added to play through careers controlling. No mention of presentation upgrades however and the lack of in-game ties to league standings and developments were a major deficiency that needed addressing.