Arrested Development Season 4 Now Available to Watch on Netflix

Posted May 26th, 2013 at 10:00 am


The long hoped for return of Arrested Development is finally here. The fourth season of the show is now live through the instant streaming service from Netflix. All 15 episodes are available to watch immediately.

Arrested Development ran from 2003-2006 and almost immediately after being cancelled the rumors of a movie started circulating. After a while it appeared it would never come to fruition but back in October of 2011 it was announced that a new season of the show would be produced with plans of following that with a movie. Soon after that it was stated that it would be exclusively on Netflix which at the time was building up their own original content (three series have already aired with several more in the pipeline). The original plan for 10 episodes was later stretched to 15 but it is uncertain whether a movie will still follow in the years ahead.