Breaking Down All The Coach Skills in NCAA Football 14 Dynasty Mode

Posted May 30th, 2013 at 1:45 pm


EA Sports has followed up on the announcement of Coach Skills for Dynasty mode in NCAA Football 14 with details on all the different paths that can be taken and the individual skills to be earned. Head coaches have two different skill trees (Game Management and Recruiting) while coordinators just affect the output on the field. Each skill can be upgraded to “Level 3” but EA is only mapping out what the first level provides prior to release. 

Head Coach – Game Manager

Antifreeze– Nothing gets to your kickers. Nothing.
•Level 1: Ice the Kicker is ineffective 50% of the time.

Road Warrior– Your QBs shine on the road and don’t get rattled by Home Field Advantage.
•Level 1: No controller vibration.

Matchup– Find the best mismatch then attack. All matchups shown from offensive POV.
•Level 1: Passing Matchups appear in Preplay Coach Cam. (Coach Cam+RS  to right)

Setup Artist– Successful run plays will set up the play action pass plays faster and vice-versa.
•Level 1: Decreases the yardage needed for Setup Plays by 10%. Choose plays that are in the same formation type (pass or run).

Clean Laundry– Play disciplined and avoid costly penalties. Caution: Increasing team aggressiveness will cancel this skill.
•Level 1: CPU is 50% less likely to cause penalties.

Light a Fire– Players can get HOT and COLD. Call a timeout to fire up your team when they need it. HOT players get performance bonuses.
•Level 1: Call a timeout to get all COLD or lower players back up to NORMAL.

Big Game– The bigger the game, the HOTTER your team starts. HOT players get bonuses.
•Level 1: Your team starts off HOT in rivalry games.

Coachstradamus– Learn which plays and play types opponent calls to be a step ahead.
•Level 1: You are shown your opponent’s previously-called play. This can be seen in the upper-right of the play select menu.

Clutch– Your team always seems to get HOT in high-pressure situations and perform better. HOT players get performance bonuses.
•Level 1: You start the fourth quarter HOT if the score difference is 14 or less.

Head Coach – Recruiter

Locksmith– Get back into locked-out recruiting battles. You can unlock up to five prospects in a year, but you must be in the prospect’s top 10 and have offered a scholarship.
•Level 1: Open one locked recruit per season. You need to be within 2000 points of the last place team to use this skill.

Scouting– You have a knack for discovering some of the best high school talent in America. You can scout more efficiently and for less.
•Level 1: Increased scouting efficiency allows you to uncover around 25% of a prospect’s true skills each week for 50 points.

Royal Treatment– Your entire staff goes the extra mile to make sure prospects have great visits.
•Level 1: you will receive a bonus of +250 points the week a recruit visits your school,

The Opener– You have an early edge on your competition during recruiting.
•Level 1: Increase your recruiting points total by +500 points in weeks 1-7.

The Closer– You have an edge on your competition late in the season during recruiting.
•Level 1: Increase your recruiting points total by +500 points in weeks 8 through 15.

Letter of Intent– You really know how to close out the deal on signing day.
•Level 1: You gain +1500 extra recruiting points for the off-season and a 5% chance you will steal a prospect from their top school.

Pipelines– You specialize in getting to know high school coaches.
•Level 1: You only need five players minimum from a state to declare it a Pipeline (six is default).

Kitchen Sink– Your work ethic is second to none and it pays dividends on the recruiting trail. You can assign even more points to a prospect each week.
•Level 1: Each recruit can have +50 extra points assigned to them each week.

Insta-Commit– You’ve got the gift. Nobody makes a better first impression or closes a deal faster. You must be that prospect’s top school.
•Level 1: You gain a +5% chance of an instant commitment, when you offer a scholarship.

Offensive Coordinator

Up Tempo– Stay healthy, fatigue more slowly and prevent injuries. This skill is perfect for up-tempo teams.
•Level 1: Players gain +2 to Injury and 10% increase in Stamina for games.

Ball Security– Stress the importance of protecting the football.
•Level 1: Players gain +1 to Carrying for games.

Cannon– Be ahead in the arms race. Train your players to be better passers.
•Level 1: QBs gain +1 to both Throw Power and Throw Accuracy for games.

Air Traffic Control– Never underestimate the importance of solid receiving mechanics. Get your HB, FB, TE and WRs ready for games.
•Level 1: Players gain +1 Catching +2 Spectacular Catch and +2 Catch in Traffic for games.

Daylight– Everyone has to carry the rock sometime. Condition your players to be able to run with the ball at game time.
•Level 1: Players gain +1 Break Tackle, +2 Spin Move and +3 Elusiveness for games.

Bulldozer– Your O-Line knows how to open up the gaps and control the line of scrimmage. Your run blocking is stellar.
•Level 1: Your offensive line gains +2 Impact Blocking for games.

Great Wall– The best offense is behind a great wall. You develop good pass blocking technique.
•Level 1: Your offensive line gains +1 Pass Blocking for games.

Mathlete– You believe football is a game of brains.
•Level 1: Players gain +1 Awareness for games.

Athlete– Physical conditioning is the core to any star player.
•Level 1: Players gain +2 Agility, +1 Strength and +1 Acceleration for games.

Defensive Coordinator

Road Closed– Your players get off their blocks quickly to stop the run.
•Level 1: Your defensive players gain +1 Block Shedding for games.

Recharge– Stay healthy, fatigue slower and prevent injuries. Perfect against up-tempo teams.
•Level 1: Your defensive players gain +2 Injury for games and 10% increase to Stamina.

Charge– Your tenacious pass rush causes fits for the opposition.
•Level 1: Your defensive players gain +1 Power Moves and +1 Finesse Moves for games.

No Fly Zone– Your players are very disciplined with their zone coverage assignments.
•Level 1: Your OLB, MLB, CB, SS, and FS gain +1 Zone Coverage for games.

Shutdown– Lock on a WR and shut him down.
•Level 1: Your CB, SS, and FS gain +1 Man Coverage and +2 Press Coverage for games.

Tackling– Nobody gets away from your defenders.
•Level 1: Your defensive players gain +1 Tackle, +1 Pursuit and +1 Hit Power for games.

Ball Burglar– You play a very aggressive style of defense, always Going after the ball.
•Level 1: Your defensive players gain +1 Catching, +2 Spectacular Catch, +2 Catch in Traffic.

Pure Instinct– You believe that defense runs on instincts.
•Level 1: Players gain +1 Awareness for games and +2 Play Recognition for games.

Athlete– You know the best way to channel and focus raw talent.
•Level 1: Your defensive players gain +1 Speed, +2 Agility, +2 Acceleration and +1 Strength.