Recapping the Sony E3 Press Conference; First Look at NBA 2K14 Next-Gen

Posted June 10th, 2013 at 7:45 pm


Sony opened their press conference with discussion on upcoming releases for the PlayStation Vita and PS3. Attention then turned to the PS4 which is definitely being pushed as a gaming platform as opposed to Microsoft who made gaming seem secondary until their presser today.

The actual console was finally put on display and after getting sidetracked on movies some exclusive games were announced like The Order: 1886, updates on the games shown at the event back in February were made, and a number of exclusive independent games had stage time. They also announced a new partnership with Bethesda for an Elder Scrolls MMO. The “Cloud Service” will launch in 2014 and provide access to PS3 games through Gaikai streaming.

The big news hit at the end with Sony announcing they would be placing no restrictions on used games and won’t be requiring online check-in. Gamers can now look to the PS4 as the most inviting console and home for where they buy third party games. Sony will also have a pay-for online service that will be less than $5 a month and include cloud saves, online multiplayer, discounts on games, and access to early betas. Just a massive move made by Sony today.

The PS4 will release this holiday season for $400. It is now up for pre-order at Amazon. Go get it and lets make the PS4 the dominant sports gaming console!

2K Sports appeared late in the show to debut the first look at the next-gen version of NBA 2K14. Sony needed the game to counteract the perception Microsoft has attempted to build that the Xbox One will be sports-central (despite Microsoft’s apparent lack of an MLB game). Brief footage included some on-court action and LeBron James talking to his digital representation. It wasn’t much and it was quite awkward looking but was drawn from the game and not CGI. Continue on to check out the video and leave all your thoughts in the comments!