More Details on Chemistry in Madden NFL 25 Ultimate Team Mode

Posted July 15th, 2013 at 3:15 pm


One of the primary new features announced for Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 25 is the return of team chemistry. Four offensive and defensive styles will be available to choose from and players will fit better into specific ones they are suited for rather than if they are inserted on a team that has a different style in mind. Hitting chemistry goals will even unlock team bonuses. Today EA Sports posted additional info on how chemistry will play a part in the team building and card collecting mode. 

While teams only begin with one offensive and defensive style once an 85 overall rating is hit a second chemistry slot opens up.

Offensive Styles and Attribute Boosts They Provide
Short Pass – PBLK Pass Blocking and CINT Catch in Traffic
Long Pass – PBLK Pass Blocking and RRUN Route Running
Ground & Pound – RBLK Run Blocking and TRCK Trucking
Speed Run – RBLK Run Blocking and ELUS Elusiveness

Defensive Styles and Attribute Boosts They Provide
Zone Defense – PREC Play Recognition and ZCOV Zone Coverage
Man Defense – PREC Play Recognition and MCOV Man Coverage
Pass Rush – BSHD Block Shedding and PUR Pursuit
Run Stuff – BSHD Block Shedding and TCKL Tackling

Players that provide chemistry have a special hex icon on the front of their player items to see how much of a boost your player provides. Team chemistry ranges from 0-99, and as you add more and more to your team, the attribute boosts get bigger and bigger. Tiers, position, and chemistry types determine how much chemistry a player provides. For example, every gold tier left end player with Pass Rush provides the same chemistry boost.

Other ways to accumulate chemistry include beating solo challenges which offer rewards or paths to upgrading to a chemistry version of a player.