Sports Gaming Community Trending Sharply Towards PlayStation 4

Posted July 30th, 2013 at 12:15 pm


The results of the poll posted last week show the PlayStation 4 dominating the Xbox One as it relates to purchase plans from the sports gaming community. The split likely would have been even greater had Microsoft not reversed course on the restrictive DRM policies they planned to enact on the system but the gap is still pronounced. 

Buying PS4 at Launch: 44%
Buying Neither at Launch: 34%
Buying Xbox One at Launch: 17%
Buying Both at Launch: 5%
Number of Votes: 7316

The PS4’s $100 price difference, carrying the only MLB game, packing in a headset, offering suspend mode and a longer DVR gameplay recording frame is winning out over the Xbox One’s packed in Kinect (which is considered a negative by many), television features, NFL partnership, and exclusive content for EA Sports games. Ultimately what could mean even more than those distinguishing features is a distrust towards Microsoft that hasn’t been shaken by the recent policy changes.

There are two interesting things to consider as it relates to the sports gaming community in the years ahead. Does the apparent shift to the PS4 as the favored console (speaking generally as it applies to online play, where friends are, and social features) influence even more now to go for that console? Also will EA Sports allowing the transfer of Ultimate Team content (and possibly more benefits to be announced later) from 360 to One and PS3 to PS4 cause anyone to hesitate making the jump from one side to the other?

Unlike the transition to the 360/PS3 generation it has been exceedingly easy to lock in launch day consoles. Both were available for weeks to pre-order and the PS4 can still even be secured for day one through Amazon. Without the supply strain of the past one console could jump out to a lead quickly. Even if not immediately apparent in sales numbers consumers have the freedom to make a statement and it appears the sports gaming community is one segment taking advantage of the opportunity to do so.