Many Leaning Towards Waiting for Next-Gen Versions of Games Releasing Twice

Posted August 8th, 2013 at 11:30 am


Last week polls were posted to gather some data on how consumers who plan to get an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 at launch may be approaching the franchises releasing on 360/PS3 first and later One/PS4. Lets take a look at the results and what they may be suggesting with about three months until next-gen’s arrival.¬†

Madden NFL 25

Likely buy only One/PS4 version: 31%
Likely buy only 360/PS3 version: 25%
Likely buy both 360/PS3 and One/PS4 versions: 25%


Likely buy only One/PS4 version: 34%
Likely buy only 360/PS3 version: 16%
Likely buy both 360/PS3 and One/PS4 versions: 11%

NBA 2K14

Likely buy only One/PS4 version: 47%
Likely buy only 360/PS3 version: 15%
Likely buy both 360/PS3 and One/PS4 versions: 11%

Madden has far and away the highest percentage of respondents expecting to buy both current and next-gen. Given that the releases will be over two months apart that is a big reason for it. FIFA returns were fairly similar except for the group looking to buy on both generations. Arriving in late September makes it somewhat harder to justify the current-gen version if it means only getting a little over a month of play until switching.

Proximity of release is also factoring in heavily with 2K14. It would seem easier to hold off the 4-6 weeks, most of which will be prior to the NBA season tipping off, than if it required a longer wait. The much higher percentage going next-gen only is certainly interesting. While 2K has yet to detail a strategy for the transition, any new technology, or whether the two generations will have feature parity the company has barely promoted the current-gen version at this point. Since there hasn’t been anything to get excited about yet that wait again would feel more manageable right now even for the hardcore fans of the series.

Overall those who expect to be gaming on an Xbox One or PS4 in November are expressing a greater tendency to wait than had maybe been anticipated. Developments like being able to transfer content (which EA has announced for the Ultimate Team modes) and a trade-in incentive (Gamestop may be doing one and it could be an EA announcement at Gamescom) may help to swing that number and sell more current generation versions to those who will be moving on to next-gen soon after.