More on Path to Greatness in NBA 2K14

Posted September 13th, 2013 at 2:00 pm


Whatever embargo there was on Path to Greatness mode for NBA 2K14 apparently was lifted today as multiple outlets have posted previews and videos. The story mode is centered on LeBron James and controlling him through a series of scripted future events.

Polygon goes into detail on the mode which notes that there are two separate paths to take with users choosing to keep James in Miami for the duration of his career or sign with the Knicks and finish out his career with the Cavs.

Both paths have the same overarching goal: to win five more NBA titles and thus eclipse Jordan’s mark. You’ll also have other objectives that you can complete to earn stars; that adds to your overall score for the mode, and you can compare your version of James’ future with those of other NBA 2K14 players on a leaderboard.

Realism obviously isn’t the point of the mode which seems to ignore current player contract lengths and the salary cap. In doing so 2K is able to craft some intriguing scenarios that may be fun to imagine and play through even if they could never actually happen. One has to wonder also, with James approving of the mode taking him to the Knicks, if that might indicate some legit interest there when considering options in the future which has already been rumored.

Path to Greatness will only be available on the 360 and PS3. It joins Crew, which maybe really isn’t actual Crew, as modes that won’t be available in the Xbox One and PS4 version of NBA 2K14. Both IGN and GameSpot have posted lengthy videos from the mode. Leave any thoughts on Path to Greatness in the comments!